IGF announces shortlist for Best Student Game

Phil Savage at

The 15th Independant Games Festival award shortlist already contains plenty of weird and wonderful indies. Now the IGF's organisers have announced their contenders for the best student game of last year. It's a strong list of quirky, experimental and mostly free games that are well worth trying. More importantly, a quick search shows that we haven't covered the excellent Zineth before. This just won't do!

The Free Webgame Round-up

Tom Sykes at

With Halloween lurking around the corner like Jason Voorhees at your local summer camp, now is the perfect time to make an amazing costume, find a bag big enough to store an entire neighbourhood's worth of sweets - and stay in all week playing games. (Did you know you can get sweeties at the shops now?) This week's selection box includes a fraction of frogs, a pinch of medieval shark, a peck of birdie, a sliver of Snayke, and an innovative first-person-ish platform game. Enjoy!