Dishonored's Brigmore Witches DLC is out now, here's the launch trailer

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While Arkane did not fulfill our hope that Dishonored's next DLC would feature playable whalesI guess they've done as well as they can have without going the whole hog of adding cetaceous beings. Second and final story DLC The Brigmore Witches is out today, and judging by the launch trailer, it looks like the once-indiscriminate assassin Daud is now having some serious reservations about his chosen career.

Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition listed on Aussie Classification website

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If you're one of those thrifty folk who wait until Bethesda release their DLC-bundled 'Game of the Year' editions, then you're probably a) champing at the bit to play Dishonored, because it's really quite good and b) pleased by the news that such a product is forthcoming for Arkane's stealth action title. The news comes via the Australian Classification Board, which this morning listed a Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition with an MA15+ rating.

Bethesda teases Dishonored's next DLC

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Dishonored's last DLC, the Knife of Dunwall, followed the story of Daud, the assassin who went all stabbity-stab-stab in the wake of ruthlessly slaughtering the Empress. Look, everyone mourns in their own way, right? In this case, it looks like the fella will be receiving some sort of closure soon—Bethesda today unveiled two new pieces artwork for the next DLC, The Brigmore Witches, ahead of the release of more information tomorrow.

Dishonored devs rumoured to be working on Prey 2

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The word on the grapevine that Marvin Gaye was so fond of is that Arkane Austin (of Dishonored and alliteration fame) may be taking over the reins of the much-troubled Prey 2, rescuing Human Head's ambitious open world sci-fi thingy from a fate worse than death: permanent hiatus. Kotaku and premature Prey 2 fansite Alien Noire have been stuffing that grapevine with the juiciest of rumours, including the startling not-quite-news that the Dishonored devs will be scrapping all of Human Head's work and re-creating the entire game from scratch. (You know, if any of this is true.) Arkane Austin devs have apparently been told to "just treat it like a new System Shock," and-dammit, I just spat beer all over my keyboard.

Dishonored's pre-order bonuses collected in the Void Walker's Arsenal DLC, hitting 14th May

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Pre-order bonuses are not my cup of tea - in addition to punishing players for not buying from a particular store, they're often so overpowered that they spoil the game. Having said that, Dishonored's various rewards don't seem too imbalanced - and you've probably completed the game by now, anyway. Over six months after the stealthy immersive sim's release, its pre-order gubbins has been collected into one ultro-bundle entitled Void Walker's Arsenal DLC (I always thought Corvo was more of a Wolverhampton Wanderers man). The DLC comprises four packs: the Acrobatic Killer Pack, the Arcane Assassin Pack, the Backstreet Butcher Pack, and the Shadow Rat Pack, each one containing a handful of minor upgrades, a book and a bunch of a coins. You can grab it from Steam on May 14th for the princely sum of $3.99.

The Singleplayer Shooter of the Year 2012: Dishonored

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I became lost in the sprawling city of Dunwall a total of 14 times after receiving the teleporting Blink ability. The culprit wasn’t entangling level design or oblique objectives. It was curiosity – a hunger for the unknown rivalling Corvo Attano’s desire for revenge in its intensity.

From the moment salty ferryman Samuel Beechworth deposited me on the silty, moonlit shoreline of Dunwall’s outskirts, I sensed it: the compelling need to uncover the beating pulse of this once-mighty industrial city.

Dishonored: No Trace, prologue: A Conspiracy of Doors

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Yesterday we asked you which of my three daft approaches to Dishonored you wanted to see blown out into a full video diary series. Each take on the game had its supporters, but the clear winner in both the comments thread and the Facebook poll was 'oh dear, what a terrible accident'.

The idea is to complete every mission in the game without leaving a trace of Corvo's involvement - hence the name of this series. That doesn't mean that there can't be evidence, but that evidence needs to point to other people: essentially, there needs to be an explanation for events that's simpler and more believable than "a teleporting, man-possessing, rat-summoning magic ninja did it."

Dishonored launch trailer features plaudits and copious stabbing

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Aren't you sick of hearing how good Dishonored is yet? No? Then read our Dishonored review again just to make sure. Wait, you want to hear even more praise for Arkane's stabtabulous supernatural stealth-em-up? Perhaps interspersed by images of men being skewered in multiple ways, eaten by rats, and then forced to walk into their own time-suspended bullets? Sounds like you should have a look at Dishonored's launch trailer, then.

Dishonored review

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I think I can jump onto another light fitting from here. I’m wrong. I slip, fall, and land inches behind a gold-masked Overseer looking out of the fifth-story window. I only have a split second headstart in getting over our mutual surprise at the situation, and I use it to stab him in the neck.

A second after his body hits the ground, I hear carpet-softened footsteps coming down the hall. Panic. After mentally rejecting three even crazier ideas, I hoist the Overseer’s body over my shoulder and jump out of the window.

Dishonored is mostly a stealth game, where you play a kind of assassin, in a somewhat steampunk city. Those floundering qualifiers are part of the fun: you don’t have to hide, you don’t have to kill anyone, and while the city of Dunwall mixes matchlock pistols with crackling Tesla tech, it’s a rusty, crumbling place that feels unique.

Dishonored trailer explores entire mission and its multiple murderous paths

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Dishonored’s release is so close I can almost taste the sizzling whale-fat candles which conveniently fail to illuminate its sprawling levels. And just how sprawling they be! The latest trailer is one of those fancy branching Choose Your Own Adventure types, allowing you to poke through many, many permutations of the game’s challenge. Will you choose to be the slinky staboteur or simply a massive ninjasshole?

But, be warned: being a pretty comprehensive extrapolation of a mission’s multitude possibilities it’s inevitably pretty spoilerific.

Dishonored videos show multiple methods of aristocratic assassination

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There's more than one way to sneak into a brothel kid, at least that's what my dad always taught me. Apparently Harvey Smith was raised on similar pearls of wisdom, because Bethesda have just released two Dishonored videos which show radically different approaches to the problem.

Dishonored on PC "has its own different interface," PC standards are "a religion"

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Bad ports hurt, especially when the game getting the shoddy treatment is otherwise good. Dishonored might be quite good, so a little before E3 I asked co-designers Raphaël Colantonio and Harvey Smith -- who have a great deal of PC development experience -- how much attention is being paid to PC optimization. Their response wasn't especially detailed, but it does inspire optimism.

Dishonored trailer has stilted goons, dark magic, violent revenge

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Dishonored gets a dev diary and new screenshots, full preview in latest issue of PC Gamer UK

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[bcvideo id="1082174364001"]
Arkane studios have released a developer diary introducing their new assassination game, Dishonored. It comes from the creators of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and is being co-directed by Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith, with art from Half Life 2 artist Viktor Antonov. It's set in a "retro-futuristic" world powered by whale oil, and lets you use a combination of supernatural abilities, gadgets, cutlasses and guns to get past your enemies.

You'll find plenty more details in our preview feature in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, which is in stores now. You can also buy the issue online, or subscribe to get every issue delivered to your door at a discount price.

Two new Dishonored screenshots have been released, along with a very regal piece of concept art. You'll find them all below.

Dishonored interactive map reveals weird whales and mysterious continent

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Here's what we know so far about Arkane's intriguing new game, Dishonored. It's a first person action game from the creators of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, co-created by Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith with art from Half Life 2's Viktor Antonov. You play as Corvo, a bodyguard framed for a crime he didn't commit on a mission to assassinate his way out of trouble using guns, gadgets and possessed rats.

Also, according to a new interactive map on GameInformer, there will be whales. Lots of whales. The whales have tentacles, and their explosive blubber is used to power the world's industries. If I ever write a stranger sentence than that, I'll eat my shirt.

Dishonored first details and screenshot revealed

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Bethesda recently announced the existence of Dishonored. It's being co-created by the man behind Deus Ex and Thief, Harvey Smith, with a visual style from Half Life 2 artist Viktor Antonov. GameInformer have the first details and a screenshot.

Dishonored is about assassination. You play as Corvo, legendary bodyguard to an Empress. Gadgets, supernatural abilities, skill with weapons and stealth makes you an exceptional killer, but it's up to you to choose the means by which you dispatch your targets. A 'chaos' system will measure your approach, recording the amount of carnage and collateral damage you cause as you carve a path through the steampunk world. GameInformer call the chaos system a "behind-the-scenes element that affects story decisions without punishing the player or pushing them to play one way or another."

Dishonored: a new first-person action game from the lead designer of Deus Ex

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Bethesda announce that they have a brand new game in the works. It's called Dishonored. Almost nothing's been revealed about it so far but we're already excited.

Here's why. The co-creatiive director of Dishonored is Harvey Smith, lead designer of a little game called Deus Ex. The lead artist on Dishonored is Viktor Antonov, famous for his work on Half Life 2. Dishonored is being developed by first person orc-impaler Dark Messiah: Heroes of Might and Magic, and will also be a first person action game.

Mentally combine what those facts might mean, and you have a recipe for something very interesting indeed. A new Dishonored website has launched, though there's hardly anything there. Yet.

Dishonored is set to be released next year.

Deus Ex designer criticises publisher conservatism

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Harvey Smith, the one-time Lead Designer of Deus Ex, now working at Arkane Studios, and Raphael Colantonio, CEO and Creative Director of Arkane have criticised the conservative business practices of the big-name game publishers.