Steam mobile app now free to all

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Last week Valve released the Steam app beta into the wild. Within hours hundreds of Steam users were receiving messages through Steam chat on their PCs saying things like "OMG I'm sending this from my mobile can u tell?" except with more spelling mistakes, because their fingers were shaking with raw, on-the-go excitement.

It's now freely available to everyone with an iPhone or Android device on the App Store and Android Market respectively. It'll let you access Steam chat and buy games through Steam on the fly. A vital tool for Steam sales to come.

PC market still growing. Lenovo more than others

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Market research companies IDC and Gartner have released their quarterly report on PC sales. Amusingly, on the day that we're supposed to be entering the post-PC era with the launch of Apple's iOS 5, they show interesting – if uneven – growth in shipments across the world.

Get a free issue of PC Gamer UK via the iOS Newsstand

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Previously we mentioned that both PC Gamer UK and PC Gamer US have hit iOS devices. Now, for a limited time, one free issue PC Gamer UK is yours to download and read on any Apple i-device of your choosing!

PC Gamer UK issue 231 is now available as free downloads via Apple's new Newsstand service. To grab your free digital edition, simply search for PC Gamer on the App store, or access it through Newsstand. You can buy the latest issue for £2.99, or subscribe. The new iOS edition means means you'll be able to sensually stroke your way through your free issue using Apple's touchy-feely interface. Oh yes.

Be sure to download your free issue soon while the offer lasts, and let us know what you think.

Valve's Newell: It's "ominous" that open platforms are less popular, Apple "wrong" philosophically

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Mods, indie games, the Half-Life: Full Life Consequences series - I love all these things equally, and none of them would be possible if the PC locked its doors and hurled the key into an abyss full of woodchippers.

For that reason and many more, Valve's Gabe Newell doesn't like the recent turn toward all things proprietary that the tech world's taken. He voiced his concerns during a game panel at the WTIA TechNW conference:

PC Gamer magazine is now an iOS app. Get it right now

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Hey! You! Stop typing angrily. We're aware that iPhones and iPads are Apple products but there's a good reason to mention iOS so prominently in the headline. We've injected some PC Gamer into said Apple products. We've PC Gamered them up!

Newsstand editions of both the UK and US magazines are available to download from the App store right now. Even though Newstand - iOS5's bespoke magazine-reading software - isn't available to download yet.

Basically, we're one step ahead of Apple. Once Newsstand gets officially released in the next few hours, the free PC Gamer App will disappear from your homescreen and reappear inside the Newsstand app. It's all very neat and satisfying.

The Newsstand edition will work on your iPhone and iPad, even though you only have to pay for each issue once. Not too shabby. You can get the UK edition worldwide but the US version is only available to download from the US and Canada. That's the law's fault, not ours.

You can read Apple's own words about Newsstand here. They reckon it's "Big news for your news." What's your take?

Never Alt-Tab again with the free GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app

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If you're stuck in your favourite game you're faced with a choice. You can quit your game to get hold of a walkthrough online, or Alt-Tab and risk your game crashing horribly as you search for answers. iPhone, iPod and iPad owners now have a third option in the form of the GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app, which gives you access to GamesRadar's vast library of cheats, tips and walkthroughs on the move.

You can get hold of the app from the Apple iTunes store for the impressive price of absolutely nothing.