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Metro: Last Light screenshots show sunshine, flowers, broken post-apocalyptic landscape

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Wow, a ray of sunshine! There's more cheer in that beam than you'll find in Metro: Last Light precursor, Metro 2033. The first game did bleak underground tunnels better than almost any other. The underground towns inhabited by survivors of the mutant apocalypse were especially memorable, packed full of characters and incidental detail. Weapon sellers haggled with mercenaries, old ladies cooed at each other in corners, burly blokes guffawed over baked bean tins of vodka and every so often you'd come across someone who'd seen the surface and returned alive. They'd stand still and stare into middle distance looking sadder than a badger in a washing machine.

The sequel looks as though it'll bring similar levels of detail to its outdoor environments, get a good look at them in these new screenshots. Click to see them full size.

Metro: Last Light screenshots go tunnelling

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Some very, very dark screenshots of Metro: Last Light have emerged from the Tokyo Game Show, showing off the muscle of 4A Games' increasingly impressive engine. It's perfectly suited to rendering close, dark environments, but will it be able to improve on the narrow turkey shoots of the first game? And will it have the same extraordinary hub areas that let you slum around trashcan fires with fellow survivors, sipping vodka and telling stories about how grand life was before the monsters turned up? We'll find out when Last Light sees the light of day in the summer of 2012. Click ont he screens below to see them full size.

Metro: Last Light trailer shows 12 minutes of rail gunning

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If you missed last year's chance to board the train to the dark horrible future of Metro 2033, your second chance is nearly here. The original was a surprisingly beautiful outing for your graphics card, considering that it was entirely set in desolate sewer tunnels. This new version is hardly cheerier. In this hot clip from Machinima, prepare for underground menace, Nazi subway stations, and giant mutant monsters down below, all struggling to stop you reaching Mornington Crescent. Or save the world. One of the two.

Metro: Last Light trailer pokes an angry mob

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The latest Metro: Last Light trailer forms up the second part of the three part E3 demo. Having infiltrated the tunnels of the Reich, the player tries to sneak through a whole room of chanting fascists before his companion decides he's had enough of walking quietly and fires his pistol in the air like a madman, alerting the mob and kicking off an arbitrary but otherwise intense chase through the labyrinthine underground. Metro: Last Light is out next year. Check out our preview for more.

E3 2011: Metro: Last Light trailer brings the scares

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Metro: 2033's underground cities are some of the busiest and most atmospheric locations in PC gaming. Linear tunnel shooting and some ferociously predictable enemies held the first game back. Hopefully Metro: Last Light can correct those mistakes and achieve the original game's huge potential.

Both games are based on the work of Russian novelist, Dmitry Glukhovsky. He depicts a world in which most of humanity is waiting out the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust in the metro tunnels beneath Moscow. As the trailer above shows, it's grim and scary down there. Hopefully Last Light will give us more of those warm, bustling pockets of humanity to explore.

Metro: Last Light officially announced, gets trailer

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THQ have officially announced that Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033, exists. Granted, you probably new that if you read our preview yesterday but now it's official. Plus there's the launch trailer above to enjoy. Metro: Last Light is slated for 2012.

Have you been waiting for a sequel to Metro 2033?