Curiosity winner's godhood in Godus comes with a term limit

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Although players had been tapping away at Peter Molyneux’s giant Curiosity cube for six months, it wasn’t until Monday that we finally learned what was inside: ascendance to godhood in the upcoming game Godus. Today, via RPS, we learn that even gods can be dethroned. Though the exact term limit hasn’t been decided, Molyneux says that it could last for several months or more than a year.

Only 50 layers left on Molyneux's Curiosity cube, dead clown inside starting to smell

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It's taken a few months, but we're finally nearing the end of Peter Molyneux's grand experiment - only 50 layers remain on the giant onion that is Curiosity - What's Inside the Cube? Like a big game of Pass the Parcel (but without any sweets - shame on you Molyneux), players/lab rats have clicked their way through nearly 300 layers since the app launched last November, leaving just 50 to get through until Peter Molyneux himself jumps out in a sexy outfit at the end. Alternative, less terrifying potential contents include: a miniature black hole, a really big Graze box, lots and lots of money. We just don't know - but at the current rate of unwrapping we will on the 21st of May, which is coincidentally the day Microsoft is set to show off its latest console.

Peter Molyneux on GODUS: Co-op, Kickstarter, and being "a god with unbelievable prowess"

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"I want to give them the feeling that they are a god with unbelievable prowess," says an emphatic Peter Molyneux. "Some of these powers are going to be incredibly powerful and tactile while others are going to be incredibly creative and gentle.

"I want it to feel like it's your hand—the hand that's on the mouse or the touchscreen—that's touching this tactile and reactive world, and making you an avatar in the world is something that can demote that."

GODUS Kickstarter launched by Peter Molyneux studio 22cans, a spiritual successor to Populous

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UK developer 22cans, an independent studio founded by Peter Molyneux in March, wants to create a spiritual successor to Populous. Project GODUS is "an innovative reinvention of Populous," the game's Kickstarter page describes.

EA, Cryptic, Riot discuss "dead" subscription models, free-to-play's influence

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GamesIndustry sat down with members of various studios for a lengthy exploration into the industry's shifting perception of freemium game development, the climbing popularity of free-to-play MMO subscription models, and the shaky balancing act between "money-grabs" and quality free ventures. EA (Battlefield Play4Free), Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online), Riot Games (League of Legends), and 22 Cans (Curiosity) shared their thoughts on the steady-yet-rocky proliferation of free content.

No PC version of Curiosity: 22 Cans "snowed under" by swamped servers

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If you squint just right, a keyboard forms the perfect chisel. Sort of. It's certainly versatile enough for chipping tiny cube-sized holes upon a gargantuan cube edifice, and as Diablo taught us, rapid clicking only strengthens our flexor digitorum. Yes, we just looked that up. Still, Peter Molyneux's multiplayer snick-sim won't appear on the PC anytime soon. Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the 22 Cans founder cited strained servers devouring the majority of the small studio's manpower as the culprit behind staving a possible PC port.

What's inside Peter Molyneux's Cube? Sneak a peek in this week's Curiosity beta tests

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You're unlikely to find out what life-changing secret is supposedly buried in Peter Molyneux's giant box of dreams, or get the chance to buy that $50,000 pickaxe you've been saving up for. You could however get the chance to take a look at whether there's more to Curiosity than its basic chip-chip description makes it seem. The beta runs every day this week from 16:00 - 17:00 GMT.

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity box boxed back to September, trailer shows giant box

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In a world where questions have no question marks, there exists a trailer. It is a trailer about the future. In the future there is box. Nobody knows what is inside the box. Perhaps that it is full of lost question marks, or maybe owls, or maybe a giant spinning picture of Peter Molyneux's laughing face. All we know is that 22 Can's first experimental project has been pushed back until September. When that time comes, we will have the chance to pool our resources to take on the box. Some of us may even pay $50,000 for a chisel to better battle the box. But most of us probably won't.

A trailer:

Peter Molyneux's new game, Curiosity, will feature a £50,000 DLC chisel

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Peter Molyneux's new studio, 22 Cans are creating a massively multiplayer game that includes £50,000 DLC. Curiosity will be the first in 22 experiments designed to explore our interactions with social media. And our bank accounts, by the sounds of it.