Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has no raccoons. No raccoons at all

Tom Senior

[VAMS id="qZAq2T481AL1j"]

The latest trailer introduces us to the co-op team we'll get to play as in Operation Raccoon City. This is a different game entirely to Resident Evil 6, which is due out later this year, and both are separate from Resident Evil: Revelations game Capcom released for the 3DS. Operation Raccoon City will have you playing as a squad of promiscuous raccoons seeking to populate a city decimated by zombie outbreak.

No, my mistake, misread the press release there. It's actually another story about stopping the Umbrella Corporation from unleashing a new virus on the world. It's the G-virus this time. One day, the Umbrella Corporation will run out of alphabet and transition to selling garden storage solutions, setting up the next entry in the series, Shedisent Evil.

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