Resident Evil 6 benchmarking tool prepares your PC for the coming horror

Whether you want to play Resident Evil 6 is a matter best left to reviews. Whether you can play it is something we can answer right now. Nvidia and Capcom have teamed up to create a benchmark app for the upcoming action horror sequel. Think of it as a separate game for you PC, in which it's forced to battle with extreme hordes of polygons and lighting. It's even given a score and end-of-level Resi-rank.

The app also comes bundled with some extra promotional gumpf, should a few additional trailers be of interest. Honestly, I don't think anyone was expecting Resi 6 to be a graphical juggernaut, making this a curious thing to release. Still, for those who are planning an outing with the zombie-laden co-op shooter, I'm sure the extra reassurance won't go amiss. Alternatively, you can just bask in the smug glow of an S-rank, provided your PC's up to it.

Resident Evil 6 releases on March 22nd.

Thanks, Joystiq .


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