NCSoft explain why Guild Wars 2 collector's edition is more expensive in Europe

Chris Thursten

Guild Wars 2 Fire Imp

We're pretty excited about Guild Wars 2, and as these things go there have been few clouds on the horizon in terms of the amount of cash players will be expected to hand over. Even the announcement of in-game microtransactions has been handled with a degree of sensitivity .

Some players, however, have raised concerns about the pricing of the game's recently-announced collector's edition. It costs $149.99 in the US and €149.99/£129.99 in Europe - the problem being that $149.99, at the time of writing, is closer to £95/€115. We asked publisher NCSoft for comment on the price discrepancy.

"Currency fluctuations, distribution costs, taxes and market conditions in addition to the cost of goods are all contributing factors when setting pricing. These vary dramatically between NA and EU and our pricing is competitive and adjusted accordingly."

If the collector's editions are manufactured in the US then it's likely that shipping its various books and figurines contribute to the extra cost - but it's still a large difference, and something European players will have to consider carefully before committing to.

Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition comes with a making-of book, 10" figurine, soundtrack and art prints as well as bonus in-game items, beta access and a three-day head start when the game is finally released. It'll be available to pre-purchase from the 10th of April.

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