Marvel Heroes MMO launch window confirmed; starter packs detailed

Marvel Heroes will finally launch in Spring, and for those especially eager there's a few limited-edition starter packs that will grant early access to the free-to-play title. The Windows game, developed by Gazillion Entertainment, boasts Marvel-vet Brian Michael Bendis as a writer, and has risen from the ashes of Marvel Universe Online - a canned Cryptic Studios effort.

Gazillion has detailed three a three-tiered Founders Program, which is detailed below. These comprise a Starter Pack, a Premium Pack and an Ultimate Pack, with the first two containing several options to choose from, and the latter containing everything. There's a lot to digest, so head over to the site and check it out.

According to the release, Gazillion president David Brevik said the starter packs offer an advantage to those who want to play as a specific character right from the start. "The Founders Program gives players the opportunity to play as their favorite hero from the day we launch in addition to enough in-game currency to buy more heroes and costumes as we release new content."


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