Fallout 4 high resolution texture pack arrives next week for PC

The update is free, and only asks that you have an additional 58 GB of space available.

A high resolution texture pack will arrive as a free update for Fallout 4 next week, Bethesda announced. The announcement included a single screenshot, which you can see and enlarge above, plus a note that you'll need a smidgen of extra room for the texture pack: an additional 58 GB.

Your PC will also need to meet or exceed the recommended specs:

  • Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
  • Intel Core i7-5820K or better
  • GTX 1080 8GB/AMD Radeon RX 490 8GB
  • 8GB+ Ram

If you try it and find your PC isn't up to the task, Bethesda says you'll be able to disable the texture pack through the game's launcher.


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