Call of Duty: Ghosts launch trailer explodes into this week, game still a fortnight away

I get it, you're a busy person. You've not got the time to watch every video that comes your way. I'll save you some time, and describe Call of Duty: Ghosts' launch trailer in its entirety. "Explosions, explosions, explosions, explosions, FISH PHYSICS, explosions, dog, wolf, dog, space, space explosions." Just imagine all that with an Eminem song in the background and you're golden.

Alternatively, you can watch it.

If I'm reading this trailer correctly, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be a game about a nation being collectively haunted by exploding ghosts. Or combustergeists. Only the dog can save humanity, but does humanity deserve to be saved?

That, or it'll be another game about shooting folks between increasingly bombastic set-pieces. We'll find out when Call of Duty: Combustergeists is released on the 5th November.


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