Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Revolution spreads to PC

Phil Savage

It may not quite be the "Revolution" CoD's critics would like, but Blops 2's latest DLC pack seems to be at least a minor skirmish in the war for interesting additions to established games. Sure, it's just a few additional maps, but, er, one of them's in a skate park? And there's a gun, I guess.

Okay, so the Revolution DLC is pretty much business as usual. But it's a business that seems to work, and those interested can now find the latest map-pack on PC. A trailer runs through the various contents it brings, backed by AC/DC's Back In Black. No, I'm not sure why either.

Revolution is available on Steam for £11.49. You can also buy a Season Pass for £34.99, containing Revolution, along with three upcoming DLC packs as they're released (months after the 360 version).

For more details, check out Michael Gapper's complete run-down of everything to be found in Revolution.

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