The 10 best Elder Scrolls Online addons, tweaks, and tools

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The Elder Scrolls Online has been officially playable by the pre-ordering type since Sunday. Look for the first of our review impressions later this week, but for now, we expect most players will share this observation: the UI is too sparse. ESO seems ashamed of its MMO mechanics, hiding damage numbers and useful information such as experience gains.

But knowing how we do love to customize, Zenimax has kindly made interface addons easy to make and easier to install. Here are our current favorites, as well as a few miscellaneous tips, such as how to disable the intro videos and plan your character build in advance.

How to install Elder Scrolls Online addons

Start by navigating to My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live. (For pedants, that's X:\Users\[username]\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live.) You'll see an AddOns folder—unsurprisingly, you drop addons (in their own folders) into the AddOns folder. When you run TESO, there's a convenient menu called Add-Ons, and anything you've added to the folder should be enabled automatically. Just keep in mind every variant of the word "addon" and you're golden.

If you don't like an addon or want to swap mods depending on what you're up to, you can use the Add-Ons menu turn them on and off and reload the UI while playing. Some addons come with their own settings menus, too, so be sure to check the menu for customization options. Now, on to our favorites...

Foundry Tactical Combat

Get it at ESOUI

This mod is essential. It adds significantly more combat data, including floating damage text, low health, magicka, and stamina notices, and simpler bars. I can't go back to the vanilla combat interface after using it. I need floating numbers.

Wykkyds Framework

Get it at ESOUI

Another essential mod—don't even start playing without Wykkyds Framework. The package adds a ton of UI options and the fantastic Bazgrim's Toolbar, which displays the current time, framerate, location, XP to next level, inventory space, gold, and more. It's all stuff you'd otherwise have to slog over to the menu to see, and that kind of inconvenience leads to starving horses.

Wykkyd's Full Immersion

Get it at ESOUI

This addon requires Wykkyds Framework, but has the opposite effect. Full Immersion adds options to remove UI elements, including the reticle, with a keystroke. It's great for taking screenshots, or to roleplay as a lost amnesiac who has absolutely no information about herself or her environment.

Strangely shoehorned in, but handy, is an emote selector in the chatbox. It's only useful until you've memorized all the emotes, but there are a ton. \sitchair

Wykkyd's Outfitter

Get it at ESOUI

Another mod that builds on Wykkyds Framework, Outfitter is a super-useful add-on which allows you to create multiple gear sets and hotbar configurations and bind them to a key. If your PvP build is different from your farming build, this is the quickest way to switch between them.

Get naked with the click of a button.


Get it at ESOUI

Adds a small UI window which calculates your XP-per-hour. It's useful if, like me, you play MMOs for the thrill of time management.


Get it at ESOUI

Adds an XP gain readout to the chat log after a kill. It's a simple addition and isn't really necessary with Foundry and XPview, but I like that the numbers are saved in the chat so I can scroll up and figure out how much XP I'm getting from what. I like numbers. More numbers please.

On the next page: filter out gold spam, disable the intro videos, and more...

Spam Filter

Get it at ESOU I

Are you the one spamming the chat, filthy NPC with your overpriced weapons.

So, I'm trying to beg for a group invite, right, but my pathetic cries are being crushed under stacks of asterisk-adorned URLS. That's irritating. Let's all agree to auto-ignore gold peddlers with Spam Filter, which detects unwanted chat garbage once you've set a few filters. After installing the addon, use the following commands in the chat window:

/sfactive - turn the filter on

/sffilters - list your current filters

/sfadd [Filter name] [Filter definition] - Add a new filter.

The filter name is just an identifier for the filter. The definition is a Lua pattern, and is the word or phrase that will trigger Spam Filter to ignore the offending player. If “Lua pattern” sounds daunting, just know that you need to put a % before non-alphanumeric characters (like a '.' or '?') for them to register as regular characters. A period, otherwise, will be read as any character (which is also useful).

The filter definition for a website you don't want to see chat messages about would look like: “WWW%.GOLDAH%.COM." It would still work without the '%,' but it's good to be in the habit of precision. We aren't animals. Here's more info on Lua patterns.

Now that that's settled, GROUP INVITE PLS!!! GROUP ME!! HEY GUYS GROUP!!

Disabling the intro videos

I don't have anywhere else to be but hunched over my keyboard mashing Assassin's Blade at dull-faced bandits, but I'll be damned if I have to wait to get there. TESO is pretty swift about dropping players off in Tamriel, but not before a stop at the logo viewing theater.

To skip them, close the game and launcher, navigate to Users\[username]\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live and open " UserSettings.txt " in Notepad. Search for " SkipPregameVideos ." It's set to 0. That's all wrong. Flip it to 1 and save.

Crafting Simulator

Use it at ESOHead

Part of the fun of crafting is discovering what different ingredients do by trial and error. Another part of the fun is just making the thing you wanted to make. The Crafting Simulator over at ESOHead lets you experiment out of game, as well as discover new and interesting facts about the history of reclining men.

Skill Calculator

Use it at ESOHead

Assigning skill points is the most harrowing thing you'll do—not just in ESO, but in life. If you'd kept practicing at that acoustic guitar, for instance, you could be that annoying party guest who brings his acoustic guitar by now. What a shame.

Fortunately, ESO is not life, so you can fiddle around with skills to find your optimal self. Another tool from ESOHead, Skill Calculator is an essential time sink for when you aren't sinking your time into the game itself.

For more addons and the like, head to ESOUI —if you couldn't tell, it's our current favorite site for ESO downloads. It doesn't require a log in, and doesn't make you play "find the download button that doesn't go to a porn site." /applaud .

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