Battlefield Heroes receives supply drop of Christmas treats

Andy Hartup

Yuletide carnage
Ever seen Santa roasting the chestnuts off a soldier while fighting for territory around a giant Christmas tree? In the darkest of cheese dreams, maybe. Well, this is a scene that will become boringly routine this year, as EA have created all kinds of festive-themed swag for Battlefield Heroes . And they're releasing new stuff in store every day.

If you want a look at the full range of Crimbo combat gear, you'll find it all on the game's forums and check out the war-themed advent calendar . No chocolates behind these doors - just war. Yes, the Santa outfits are 'the classic', but we like the look of the Misha and Ivan sets – they just feel more stylish.Today's offering is a brand new flamethrower for both Royals and Nationals, to keep your enemies nice and warm on the snow-themed maps, and there's a decent selection of balaclavas and hats available too. Normally, Christmas themed kit looks pretty awful in shooters, but Battlefield Heroes has the comedy swagger to pull it off.

There's a video of the festive carnage here , if you remain unconvinced.

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