You should upgrade your keyboard to the Logitech G513 and here’s why

You may have the skills to rocket jump your character across the map with one hand tied, but you’ll never be able to pull it off if your gear isn’t up to par. One of the best investments you can make is upgrading your keyboard. For those looking to level their game, the G513 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Logitech G stands as a prime candidate, and here’s why.

It’s elegant and tough

The Logitech G513’s gorgeous blade-like chassis is constructed using aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum embellished with a subtle brushed-metal finish. The finishing greatly enhances the texture and improves the grip. With both Carbon Black and Silver as color options, it’s never been easier to choose one that matches your setup.

It’s fast

Logitech G improves upon its legendary Romer-G switch by dividing it into clicky and linear variants. The clicky Romer-G offers a distinct tactile feedback accompanied by a click at the actuation point, while the linear option offers a smooth travel and is completely silent when not bottomed out. The new Romer-G switches have just a 1ms response time, ensuring that all your actions are registered instantaneously. Each switch is rated to handle 70 million clicks, far more than a conventional mechanical switch.

Both switch options come with full-spectrum RGB backlighting with LIGHTSYNC technology. Logitech G’s LIGHTSYNC produces gorgeous lighting effects that can sync up with the actions in-game, expanding the immersion. 

It does everything

The G513 comes with a convenient powered USB passthrough for when you need to plug in an additional peripheral. The lighting profiles you spent hours designing can be stored directly into the onboard memory for use on any system. On the topic of drivers, the always-excellent Logitech Gaming Software lets you to bind macros to any key on the keyboard, design your own lighting, and offer a variety of useful information your keyboard usage pattern. A plethora of other features, such as Windows key disable function, a premium wristrest, and integrated media controls, are available as well.

Ready to be the king of the hill and the envy of your teammates? Then head over to Logitech G to find out more about the G513 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

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