How to complete the Innovating the Engine quest in WoW: Dragonflight

WoW Innovating the Engine - the Maiden of Inspiration is standing on a circular platform with a statue behind her
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Innovating the Engine in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the final step in the In Tyr's Footsteps profession quest chain, and you'll need to complete this if you want to craft epic-quality gear. There are quite a few steps to this questline, and you'll need to meet up with the Maiden of Inspiration all around the Dragon Isles to complete it.

The individual quest steps are pretty straightforward, and you'll get to use your dragonriding mount to travel around to the various zones in the Dragon Isles to complete them. Many players have had problems completing the last step, however, so this guide will explain how to complete the Innovating the Engine quest in Dragonflight.  

WoW Innovating the Engine: How to complete this quest 

Each quest step for In Tyr's Footsteps sees you return to Valdrakken and speak to the Maiden of Inspiration to continue. For the final step, Innovating the Engine, you need to insert the "newly attuned Power Core" into the Engine of Innovation. Seems simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, it's easy to miss what you're supposed to do. Most likely, you've flown to the spot to speak with the maiden, just as you have on previous steps. This time however, you need to dismount to get the extra action button to show up. If it still doesn't appear once you've sent your mount away, try leaving the area and coming back again. It's also possible your custom UI is hiding the action button, so temporarily disabling all addons could solve the issue.

Once you've inserted the Power Core, you can hand in the quest, which will reward you with the In Tyr's Footsteps achievement and give you the chance to receive Bottled Essence from endgame activities. Good job.


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