Witcher 3 update will add more romance

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Emotional fulfillment is coming to players who found one of The Witcher 3's romance options lacking in conversational intrigue. Kotaku report that extra dialogue options will be added to solve that relationship's uncomfortable silences, and perhaps relieve the lingering dread that you might have taken the wrong path in life by choosing someone poorly suited to your grim Witcher lifestyle.

After all, she's a sophisticated sorceress and a respected socialite, and all you know is killing and Gwent. As Roach turns the corner she asks you whether the racial tensions in Novigrad can be resolved with so much indecision in the courts. You mumble something indistinct, disturbed by the sudden realisation that you smell like dead bear. An awkward silence passes, interrupted only by the scream of a peasant being eaten by a wolf.

"Do you think the presence of late game Monster Gwent decks in Oxenfurt distorts the meta?" you offer, hopefully. No answer. A cold wind blows across the fields; it smells like war. Somewhere nearby a bard starts playing The Sound of Silence. He is swiftly eaten by a griffin.

There's no date for this Witcher 3 update yet, but hopefully it will mend Geralt's mournful soul sooner rather than later.

Tom Senior

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