Win a Rainbow Six Siege beta key through "field training"

Rainbow Six Siege Art of Siege

For those who failed to get hold of one of the 10,000 beta keys for Rainbow Six Siege that we gave away earlier, worry not: there is another way. On the Rainbow Six Siege website, Ubisoft has set up a game called "Art of Siege", the completion of which will also get you a beta key. It's a more complicated way to get hold of one, sure, but at least it's also fun.

The game consists of five training scenarios that give you an idea of the kinds of situations you'll meet in the game. You don't get to play fully, but you do get to make decisions and watch your soldier carry them out.

In the first scenario, you get footage of the inside of the building from a drone and then get to make decisions—within a time limit—about where to enter the building and then at each stage what to do next. You'll get to see your character do things like take out security cameras and climb to first-floor windows, so it's worth playing through even though you don't get to do this stuff yourself.

You also get feedback on your decisions, and a rating out of five stars,. Go on, give it a try.