Wasteland studio Inxile Entertainment has 2 new RPGs in the works

(Image credit: inXile Entertainment)

Inxile Entertainment is having a busy 2020: in addition to the recent release of Wasteland 3, team-based VR shooter Frostpoint: Proving Grounds is also due to ship this year. That's a bit different from the studio's usual RPG offerings, but have no fear when it comes to new Inxile RPGs—the team has two in development.

That's according to the studio's CEO Brian Fargo, who tweeted the news today. In response to a fan hoping for more games in the Wasteland 3 mould, Fargo wrote: "We are working on wonderful new RPGs, it's too bad they take so long to make."

He later followed up: "I should probably clarify that our second RPG is in the infancy of pre-production." That's a polite way of saying it's probably a very long way off.

There's reason to be excited: upon Microsoft's acquisition of the studio in 2017, Fargo cancelled his retirement and promised that the deal would grant Inxile "more resources and potentially more time" to work on games. Wasteland 3 was an undeniable step-up from its predecessor, so it'll be interesting to see if a possible fourth instalment could shake things up even further.

Shaun Prescott

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