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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive highlights more community maps in Operation: Breakout

Where next on the terrorism/counter-terrorism world tour that is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Valve have launched Operation: Breakout —the latest in a series of seasonal events for the competitive shooter. This time, the community-created maps that it spotlights are available in official matchmaking to all players.

This Operation's maps include Overgrown, Rush, Blackgold, Castle, Insertion and Mist, all of which will be playable in Deathmatch, Casual and Competitive modes.

In addition, there's also an All Access Pass, available for $6. It adds the Operation Breakout Coin to your inventory, which can be upgraded through mission drops—special secondary objectives to be completed over the course of play. Completing missions will also earn you rewards from three new weapon finish collections.

Finally, All Access Pass owners get a journal, which tracks performance over the course of the Operation.

Operation: Breakout will be live until October 2nd. For more, head to the event's mini-site .

Phil Savage
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