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Battlefield 4 stunt video winner reignites the rivalry between jets and sharks

As part of Battlefield 4's Battlefest event , DICE ran a stunt video competition—inviting players to record their most daring feats of murder and carnage. They've now revealed the winner, and, despite having seen a ridiculous number of Battlefield-based stunts over the years, I have to say I'm impressed. Think of it as an homage to West Side Story, only, instead of groovin' gangs, it's a battle between an actual jet and shark.

In the video, players activate the Megaladon on Nansha Strike. It's a massive organisational challenge—not just collecting the players needed to trigger the shark, but to do so at the exact point as to catch the chasing player within its flabby frame.

Second and third place in the fan-voted contest went to a montage and a cruise missile takedown , respectively. You can see a full run-down of the videos, including runners up, over at the game's competition page .

Phil Savage
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