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And in other PC gaming news...

What is this bizarre and creepy video? It was spotted by Redditor NovaeDeArx , who believes it could be a new Valve ARG . Why? Because a string of characters that appear in the middle of the video, once decoded, lead to an uploaded Half Life 2: Episode 2 map . Which you can see here .

It certainly appears to be an ARG of some kind, but whether it is being orchestrated by Valve, another company or just some talented amateurs remains to be seen.

Check inside for less spooky news.

  • Reddit points out this Trine 2 dev diary , which shows off the improved Knight.
  • Crytek talk to OXM about scaling features for multiplatform games and older PCs. Saying "The graphics are the easiest thing to scale up in a way, which is why we have all these graphics options, but not a whole lot of AI options."
  • Eurogamer report that former Mafia and Arma developers have united to form a new studio.
  • The Guardian has EA Sports discussing business models, suggesting they may move to an Amazon style 'pay once, own it on all platforms' approach.
  • Bioware tell Destructoid that "Decisions will have much bigger consequences" in Mass Effect 3.

What do you think the video means readers? Other than sleepless nights for those of us that watched it that is. Wild guesses in the comments below.