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And in other PC gaming news...

Notch tweeted this earlier. It's a pre-alpha video for a game called Lords of Uberdark by Aaron Bishop. The game features organically manipulated terrain, more like working clay than Minecraft's Lego style block building. It caused Notch to drool with its potential, and us too.

Look inside for a collection of more PC gaming news.

  • A very nice man on Reddit is organising people to make tutorial sprays for Team Fortress 2 newbies. Help him spread the knowledge.
  • IGN say Andy McNab is writing a Battlefield 3 novel.

  • BluesNews reports that Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 has been announced.
  • BattlefieldO report that the Battlog website is up, even though people can't use it yet.
  • Kotaku notice Mass Effect 3's James Vega has changed a lot from his original design. Which do you prefer?
  • BluesNews say Activision are filing a complaint over the Modern Warfare URL business.
  • A Bioware blog post talks about creating class intros for The Old Republic.

What do you think of Lords of the Underworld? Do you prefer its approach to terrain? Or do you long for the simple blockiness of Minecraft and Terraria?