Totally Game: Meet the Call of Duty streamer who plays using his mouth

The second episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series showcasing remarkable gamers, is out now. This week the spotlight is on the Call of Duty skills of Rocky Stoutenburgh, known to his audience as RockyNoHands. Stoutenburgh is quadriplegic and racks up his killstreaks by controlling the game with his mouth. 

Stoutenburgh broke his neck in 2006 when he was wrestling with a friend, paralysing him from the neck down. It was his brother, Andrew, who suggested the QuadStick controller, but at first he was hesitant about using it, worrying that he wouldn't be as good as he was when he was able to use his hands. 

In his first stream, playing PUBG, he won the Chicken Dinner. 

Since then, he's set Guinness World Records for most wins and kills using his mouth in Fortnite, and with the arrival of Call of Duty: Warzone he found his new go-to game. Now he wants to set a new world record there. His highest kill count in Warzone is 13, but he's confident he can get that number up to 18. 

"A lot of nights my neck hurts, but for some reason, when you're gaming, your brain doesn't think about that, you're just off in your own world," Stoutenburgh says. "It has changed me in a lot of ways and I have a lot more friends and a lot more confidence."

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