This week’s Playfire Rewards


Welcome to this week's Playfire rewards bulletin where we outline all the great offers and rewards appearing on the Playfire service and Green Man Gaming. Don't forget if you sign up to Playfire, you actually earn rewards and incentives for playing games you love - how good is that?

This week’s special Deal of The Day is an impressive 75% off Creative Assembly’s epic Total War series.

With Total War: Attila announced for 2015, and a raft of new expansions for the classic Rome: Total War 2 this year, this is the perfect time to discover the heritage of Creative Assembly’s superb real-time strategy series.

If you’ve never played the Total War series you’re in for a treat! First you’ll need to rule the strategic map, marshalling your cities and economy to build up your forces, while using diplomacy to weaken your enemies. Then it’s a move onto the impressive 3D battlefield to show off your generalship, ruling with cunning tactics and iron disciple as you deploy your forces, rout your enemies and crush all before you.

So head on over to Green Man Gaming Deal of the Day and from Friday 21st until Sat 22nd November fill your boots with the following:

Rome: Total War inc. Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War Collection

Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War Collection

Napoleon: Total War

Napoleon: Total War Collection

Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 Collection

Not enough to sate your gaming appetite? Well, keep an eye peeled on Deal of the Day on Sat 22nd Nov 4pm until Sun 23rd -- for Renegade Ops and Binary Domain deals, with 75% off both base games and both complete collections (full game and DLC).

Still not done? Well on Sunday 23rd it's Skullgirls!

Monday 24th -- features a wealth of Sega Classic Titles

Head over to the Deal of the Day each day to bag a real bargain.

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Also out now is the fantastic Dragon Age Inquisition - get this great game and some of the very latest titles at market beating prices, only for logged in VIP customers - sign in to GMG and visit

Also this week there is another fantastic raft of Playfire Rewards that can be earned by simply playing the games you love.

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Have a great gaming weekend on GMG and Playfire…