This fan-designed Sonic Mania Lego set is getting an official release

Sonic Mania lego set
(Image credit: LEGO Group)

If there's one thing running at supersonic speeds and stepping on a Lego brick (probably) have in common, it's that they're both murder on your feet. Soon, you'll be able to combine both, with one fan's concept for a Sonic Mania Lego kit getting the block-maker's blessing for an official release. 

Pitched on the Lego Ideas community contribution site all the way back in 2019, Viv Grannell's blocky reimagining of Sonic Mania was this week given the green light for an official set over on the Lego Blog. While it's likely the final version won't look exactly like Grannell's concept, that early pitch nails the throwback look of Sonic Mania—though the hedgehog himself still looks bizarre in minifig form.

Given that Lego Ideas lets anyone submit designs to be turned into blocky little toys, there's always a few games concepts kicking around. A Fall Guys set was sadly passed on this review phase, as was last year's promising Portal 2 submission. There are various reasons why something may or may not meet approval, but it probably helps that Sonic has had a small moment in Lego Dimensions back in 2016.

Of course, these days Sega are as much a PC strategy publisher as they are caretakers of the sassy blue rodent. And yes, while this isn't exactly the start of a promising collaboration between Lego and Sega, we can all have fun imagining what such a crossover would bring. How about armies of tiny, blocky Total War soldiers, or Alien: Isolation's xenomorph constructed all Bionicle-style?

Natalie Clayton
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