This cute management sim looks Animal Crossing in a casino

I haven't played Animal Crossing: New Horizons but I know it has some kind of turnip-based stock market that functions a bit like gambling. But Blooming Business: Casino looks like it's taking the next logical step. In this cute-looking sim you design, build, and manage a casino filled with adorable animal guests.

Why not? Just because animals are cute doesn't mean they don't have a vice or two.

You'll be able to build your casino from the ground up, starting with a bare plot of land and installing all the fixings, from different casino games like slot machines and blackjack to eye-pleasing décor and amenities. Hire a staff of bartenders, cleaners, dealers, and security guards. Then open the doors and try to make a profit while dealing with clients who, by the looks of things, may get into brawls or drink a bit too much.

There's no release date for Blooming Business: Casino, but a free demo will be available next week as part of Steam Next Fest.

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Christopher Livingston
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