The ten best moments from the 2015 LoL Worlds semi finals

LoL Worlds SFs

The two semi finals for the League of Legends World Championships took place in Brussels this weekend. One went as expected, the other was... more of an upset. Regardless, we now know who will be taking part in the grand final in Berlin in a few days time.

The two Korean teams dashed the hopes of each of the two remaining European teams, with SK Telecom T1 and KOO Tigers both progressing to the final in 3-0 sweeps against Origen and Fnatic. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from those matches.

Hecarim spots an opportunity: FNC v KOO Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Fnatic tried to make a game of it by taking an early lead, but ultimately KOO were too strong for them. The first big fight in game 1 could’ve gone either way, but Fnatic came out slightly ahead thanks to some good team fighting.

A big group of KOO Tigers was too tempting for Huni’s Hecarim, so he charged in, taking them all very low. It just needed someone to come in and finish the job…

Febiven and Reignover clean up: FNC v KOO Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Thanks to Huni’s big ult, it wasn’t too difficult for Febiven’s LeBlanc and Reignover’s Rek’sai to come and take out the low health targets.

It was only some smart play from KOO that prevented the ace. Usually the support protects his AD carry, but here PraY’s Kalista was the sacrificial lamb, going back towards Fnatic to allow Gorilla’s Alistar to escape.

Is he dead? No! Wait… yes!: FNC v KOO Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Alistar is a bull of a champion, literally, and he can be tough to kill sometimes. KOO Tigers’ support Gorilla was probably surprised to come out of this fight alive. It looked like he was ready to be turned into roast beef under his tower, but he survived on just a sliver of health.

Febiven wasn’t too happy about this, so he decided to chase him down. Completely ignoring the tower, Febiven’s LeBlanc zeroed in on the horned beast, and finally managed to take him down, blowing her passive in the process. Worth.

Kuro ends the game: FNC v KOO Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Fnatic’s early pressure wasn’t rewarded in game 1. KOO slowly came back into the game thanks to some big fights that went their way, and by the 42 minute mark they were in a position to win the game.

Kuro’s Kassadin was already fed, and this fight in the dragon pit where he got four more kills only put the icing on the cake. KOO were able to finish the game shortly after.

Smeb’s smooth moves: FNC v KOO Game 2

Watch the full game here.

KOO Tigers’ top laner Smeb has undoubtedly been one of the best players of the tournament so far. His masterful Fiora play has turned even the most scary of opponents into mincemeat in the top half of the map.

In this dive by Fnatic, he proved his skill once again with some quick feet and timely use of his abilities. If it weren’t for Reignover and Huni knowing they were beaten and getting out while they still could, this could’ve turned into a double kill for Smeb.

Could you come with us please, sir?: FNC v KOO Game 2

Watch the full game here.

Sometimes League of Legends just isn’t fair. When you’re by your tower, you’re supposed to feel safe thanks to the large structure looming over you threatening to fire down upon enemies who come close.

KOO’s mid laner Kuro will never feel safe under a tower again. After a Headbutt from Alistar, an Impale from Skarner, and an Emperor’s Divide from Azir, he ended up being displaced from his tower to halfway across the mid lane.

Smeb takes on all comers: FNC v KOO Game 3

Watch the full game here.

If the earlier play wasn’t enough for you, Smeb came back in game 3 against Fnatic on Hecarim. Clearly unhappy with his dominance, Fnatic decided to gank him again. Two didn’t work before, so this time they brought three.

Smeb wasn’t having any of it, though. He boldly charged into the lot of them, taking out Huni’s Riven with a few swings of his scythe, and chasing the other two out of his lane with backup arriving late from the river.

Kennen’s Great Escape: SKT v Origen Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Kennen has always been a slippery customer, but no one thought Soaz would be able to escape from this gank in game 1 of Origen’s match against SKT.

After dodging a couple of skill shots and getting the stun off on Marin, Soaz made for the bushes, but he was going the wrong way. After running out of greenery to escape through, Soaz quickly began to channel his teleport. The two chasing SKT members waited a bit too long to check the bush, and Kennen made it out to safety.

The cleanest dragon steal you’ll ever see: SKT v Origen Game 1

Watch the full game here.

Dragon is always hotly contested thanks to the permanent buffs it grants your entire team when you kill it. Stealing the kill away from a team that’s already attacking it is quite rare, but we see it once in awhile.

Usually, the player that steals the dragon gives up his life to do so. Or, a huge fight ensues that can swing the game one way or another. However in this play, SKT simply walk up to dragon, take it, say “thank you very much,” and walk off back to mid lane.

Disrespect on three… one… two... : SKT v Origen Game 2

Watch the full game here.

SK Telecom T1 are the best team in the tournament. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, apart from maybe the KOO Tigers, but even they know they’re going to have it tough in Berlin at the weekend.

SKT are known for their precise teamplay, and excellent play calls. They took game 2 of their series against Origen pretty easily, so they decided to test out their togetherness. As Origen’s nexus fell, every member of SKT simultaneously displayed their logo proudly above their heads. The final awaits them, where they have a good chance of being the only team to ever win the Summoner’s Cup twice.

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