The Sunday Video Pwn

Kinect hacks are pretty cool. Mixing Kinect with the Source engine is a completely different deal. Check out coder John Boiles as he kicks many Dr. Kleiners across a map with DOG in Gary's Mod. There's also much box hurling, and a whole lot of ragdoll creepiness going on.

Seeing Gary's Mod in action again reminded me of some of the great machinima people have created using the Source engine. A personal favourite is Garrymon - whilst not the best animated Gary's Mod machinima, it is basically a scene-for-scene perfect parody of the first episode of the Pokemon anime. Relive your Saturday morning cartoons with a Valve twist.

This week in trailers, we've got the Oman video from Battlefield Play4Free . Relive your memories from the glory days of Battlefield 2, set to a head-banging soundtrack. The trailer unsurprisingly features a LOT of aerial combat, possibly in apologies for the fact it was pretty much ripped out entirely for Bad Company.

On an almost as explosive but far more serious note, Operation Flashpoint: Red River made another appearance this week to inform us all that the Chinese Liberation Army is bad, and America must shoot them. Or something to that effect. Fans of the word's most productive country need not apply.

Futuristic weaponry, bouncy-suspension jeeps, jet-packs, and 30ft tall dinosaurs. If this gets you excited, check out the trailer for Orion: Prelude . It essentially looks like what would happen if some Turok code fell into a multiplayer match of Halo. If Jurassic Park has taught us only one thing for the last eighteen years, it's that fighting dinosaurs is fun. You can put that to the test in the game's multiplayer beta, coming this summer.

The GDC trailer for The Secret World made it online this week, and it's a looker. Whilst the developer team commentary mainly focusses on the significant levels of choice the game will have, the most striking thing here is the highly varied art style. From contemporary London and NYC to a fantasy-looking Egyptian landscape, The Secret World is one of the best looking MMOs we've seen. Plus, the Illuminati and the Templars are playable factions, which is an awesome departure from the more traditional fantasy camps.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North was rated M for Mature this week, and in the new 'brutal' trailer you can see evidence as to why. Heads will roll apparently, and jump off orc shoulders with a squirt of blood. Even the remixed 'The Bridge of Khazad Dum' theme sounds more foreboding and brutal.

This week in StarCraft news, Korean plater Cella manages to take out an entire army using a swarm of Zerg Drones . 'You're a genius' proclaims his opponent. 'I know' replies Cella. No room for modesty on the intergalactic battlefield evidentially.

Do you wish that Valve would get on with their classics, like Counter-Strike? Have you been waiting for CS:S2 for, like, ever? A more tabloid website would inform you that COUNTER-STRIKE 2 IS COMING AFTER DOTA2! But we know better than that. Still, check out Gabe Newell claiming that there may be a chance it appears after Valve have shipped Portal 2 and DOTA 2.