The Moon in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be twice as big as it was in Destiny

Destiny 2 is going back to the Moon in the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, a new locale it teased a couple of weeks ago with a brief teaser. Today, Bungie dove deeper into what players can look forward to in their new lunar excursions with a more detailed "developer insights" video that showcases how some of the familiar locations from the original game have been dramatically updated for Shadowkeep.

The Moon in Destiny 2 will be more than twice the size of its D1 counterpart, and now has a Hive castle, "very spiky and red," sitting on the surface. The Fallen Ketch from Destiny will still be there as well, but it sounds like the Fallen themselves aren't doing very well: They're cannibalizing it for parts to make a new base, and are "basically just trying to survive," art lead Mike Poe said—a pathetic state of affairs that I imagine won't stop Guardians from kicking down their doors and butchering them by the thousands.

Alien genocide is rough stuff but the new and improved lunar landscape sure looks pretty, as Destiny 2 environments generally do, and fans of the original game will no doubt enjoy diving into locations that were previously inaccessible. The teaser also serves up a brief glimpse at a work-in-progress Shadowkeep cinematic featuring Eris Morn, another Destiny 1 stalwart, who has discovered a hidden darkness under the surface of the Moon. Given the many intrigues she was involved with in Destiny 1, I imagine her reappearance will make lore fans very happy.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is set to arrive on September 17, and aside from taking players back to the Moon, will also make some big changes to the Eververse Store.

Andy Chalk

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