The Last Crown Blackenrock: ghost-hunting adventure sequel teased

The Last Crown

I've been waiting for the sequel to fun ghost-hunting adventure game The Lost Crown for years, and suddenly, it finally appears to be on the way. The Last Crown: Blackenrock is actually the first of three sequels, which are being developed simultaneously by developer Darkling Room, and while there's no release date yet that I can find, there is a mildly spooky new teaser trailer below.

If you've finished The Lost Crown and need more Nigel Danvers in your life while you wait for the sequels, you can play a short Halloween episode by clicking on the word 'halloween' at this link. I tried to play that twice, but found myself unable to click or do anything during an endlessly revolving oujia board session. You might fare better.

Darkling Room made the moderately well-known Dark Fall series, which is a bit like Myst, but ghost-themed. Their games are often slightly scrappy, and feature some not-fantastic voice acting, but demonstrate a deep love of the English countryside, and the sea, particularly Cornwall. You can check out their back-catalogue here.

Tom Sykes

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