The Evil Within 2 teases its horrors, occult baddies, disintegrating roads

I enjoyed my brief hands-on time with The Evil Within 2 at Gamescom. It felt familiar but improved enough to merit praise—paying deference to its staunch survival horror roots, while exploring new avenues so far as systems, level design and character progression are concerned. 

I also felt Sebastian Castellanos' latest outing echoed Silent Hill. Its latest trailer appears to follow suit, with its multitude of otherworldly beasts, strange dimensional shifts, and mysteriously crumbling road networks. Observe:

Add the religious antagonist above to what we've seen so far from the deranged artist Stefano Valentini, and it seems our Seb has his work cut out for him. And hang on, is that his daughter up there? Best check out this handy FAQ if that has taken you by surprise. 

The Evil Within 2 is due Friday 13, October, 2017.