Talking Tom and Angela join forces for Green Game Jam 2023

talking tom gold run featured image
(Image credit: Outfit7)

Ever since their mobile game debut in 2010, Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and their pals, have become some of the greatest icons of family entertainment. The two of them have featured in dozens of mobile games, many of which have garnered billions of downloads. In fact, they've starred in some of the most widely downloaded games of the last decade, such as My Talking Tom 2, Talking Tom Gold Run, and My Talking Angela 2.

But with great fame comes great responsibility, and now Talking Tom and Talking Angela are harnessing their powers for a greater good. Outfit7, the multinational company behind the Talking Tom and Friends franchise, is participating in the Green Game Jam 2023, where mobile game developers from around the world are teaming up to raise $1 million to protect three vital wild ecosystems: the jungles of the Amazon, the Himalayan Mountains, and the Western Indian Ocean.

Playing its part, Outfit7 will be hosting special events in two of its most popular games, Talking Tom Gold Run and My Talking Angela 2, where players can get involved in raising environmental awareness and contributing to a great cause.

You can already hop into the "Grow & Go" event in Talking Tom Gold Run, the super-fun endless runner where you take Tom on a sprint—collecting coins while dodging cars, barricades, and other hazards. During the event, try to collect the special water droplets, which you use to help grow your in-game tree. As the tree grows, endangered animals from the Amazon will appear to grant you treats and in-game currency for helping them. Here's a tip: enter the code TREE to get 300 free water tokens!

My Talking Angela 2, meanwhile, is a game where you get to hang out with Talking Angela in her city pad. Do her make-up, take her shopping, and join her in her favourite activities like baking and dancing! Now with the Global Green Jam, Angela has a new Balcony area where you can help her grow flowers to not only clean the place up, but attract bees—one of the most important creatures in sustaining the Amazon ecosystem. Want some extra coins? Just type the promo code BEE into the code redemption box.

Both events run every day from June 1 to June 12, 2023, then every weekend up to the end of June.

Outfit7 has been one of the leading players in mobile gaming for years, reaching billions of players around the world across its 20+ games. Through the Green Game Jam, the company wants to use that reach to raise awareness about precious ecosystems around the world, and play its little part in educating and inspiring people to contribute to environmental preservation. 

In addition, Outfit7 is making a donation of $60,000 to Re:wild (Atelopus Survival Initiative), which is tasked with protecting the critically endangered harlequin toad in the Amazon rainforest (yep, even the humble harlequin toad plays a key role in biodiversity, not to mention the cultural significance it has for indigenous communities residing in the Amazon).

So go ahead and download Talking Tom Gold Run or My Talking Angela 2 for free, and start saving the environment while having a whole load of fun doing it.