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Take a tour of Doom's classic E1M1 map recreated in No Man's Sky

Triangular base building parts were recently added to the free-flying sci-fi sim No Man's Sky as part of the big Synthesis Update. Compared to other new features, like starship upgrades and a new terrain editing system and a first-person exocraft, new floor tiles don't sound like a very big deal. But those three-sided bits are actually what enabled this very cool recreation of Doom's famed E1M1 map on a distant, dusty, radioactive world.

The map comes courtesy of JP LeBreton, a developer whose previous credits include BioShock, The Cave, Broken Age, and the OG Doom mod Mr. Friendly. Naturally, it's not an exact duplicate of the original: There are no explosive barrels, for instance, doors are kind of a compromise design that operate via separate switches connected to the power system, and the textures are obviously quite a bit different too, although the wall surfaces are a pretty good match overall. 

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There are also no demons running around, waiting to be blown into Mephistophelian paste: There are a few creatures roaming around outside that you might want to stay away from, but otherwise this is strictly a sightseeing trip. There's no mistaking where you are, though. Even the planet is right: Red, radioactive, and rocky. 

If you'd like to see this No Man's E1M1 in action (and why wouldn't you?), enter the glyphs listed on LeBreton's NMS Bases page (he's made several) into a portal, then hop into your ship and fly to the marker—or just keep your eyes peeled for the big Doom logo carved into the hillside.