Struggling to cancel your subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic? You're not alone

Star Wars The Old Republic - space combat

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be one month old tomorrow. If you've played enough Star Wars to last you a lifetime, now's the time to cancel your subscription. Some people are finding it difficult to find the "unsubscribe" button, however.

According to this entry TOR's help centre, the unsubscribe link should be accessible from your accounts page. Then you should be able to "click on the 'Subscription' button in the sidebar and choose the option to 'Cancel my Subscription' from your main subscription page." Those of us in the office that tried to unsubscribe this way found ourselves at a screen asking us to set up a subscription plan, even though according to our accounts, we were already subscribed.

Players on The Old Republic forums have offered up alternative links to the cancel subscription page, but there's another problem. The Star Wars: The Old Republic site is "temporarily unavailable" because of "extremely high traffic." If that persists then we could find ourselves trapped in a galaxy far far away forever while we wait for it to come back online. If the worst comes to the worst, you should still be able to cancel your subscription through Bioware customer support , though that's down at the moment as well.

The unsubscribe link is still appearing for many people, so it's likely to be a bug, albeit an extremely frustrating one for customers looking at being charged for another month of play time they don't want. Massively say that Bioware are investigating the problem, and think it might be a browser issue. It'll hopefully be fixed shortly. It's probably down to Jawas. It's always Jawas.


EA contacted PC Gamer to acknowledge the problem: “We are aware there is an issue with our website and apologize for any inconvenience. We have identified the issue and can confirm it will be resolved shortly.”

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