The Steam Halloween Sale 2021 is live

Steam Halloween Sale 2021
(Image credit: Valve)

Yes, we already knew it was happening, but just in case you missed it (or forgot), the Steam Halloween Sale is now live. Unlike the blockbuster Summer and Winter sales, the spooky season event is relatively short, running for just four days before wrapping up on November 1.

Naturally, this sale will be focused on horror-themed games, but there are plenty of other options for those who prefer something a little less frightful. I even have a few suggestions that you might find helpful:

Of course, there are plenty of horror and horror-adjacent deals to dig through too:

There are also some new items to pick up in the Steam Points Shop, including special profile images, mini-profile backgrounds, and animated avatars and stickers. You can snag them individually, or get them all in one big bundle

After years of leaks, Valve has recently decided to do us all the favor of simply telling us up-front when the next Steam sales will run. That's how we know that, not too long after the Halloween Sale ends, the Autumn Sale will begin on November 1, followed by the big year-ender—the Steam Winter Sale—which will kick off just ahead of Christmas, on December 22. But don't worry, we'll give you reminders when they get going, too.

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