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Sponsored Post: Vindictus character spotlight - Fiona


In Nexon's new action MMO Vindictus, characters are synonymous with classes. There will be three different characters to choose from when the game launches in Europe, and we're going to be taking a look at them one by one.

Today it's the turn of stern shield maiden Fiona, resident tank and sword and board defender extraordinaire.

As the only character in Vindictus sensible enough to bring a shield to the fight, Fiona fulfils the tank role in the game. Her skills mostly revolve around using her shield to block or mitigate damage and set herself up for devastating counter-attacks.

Fiona is notable for having two choices when it comes to equipment instead of just one. When she starts out she uses a longsword and a small shield; the longsword allows for quick sharp attacks and the small shield lets her counter-attack effectively. Later she gains the ability to swap those out for a hammer or large shield; the hammer is slower but lands punishing, stunning blows, while the large shield trades her counter-attack ability for immunity to knockback, even under heavy assault.

Key Skills

Counter-attack - Counter-attack is one of Fiona's defining skills, it allows her to follow a successful block with a strong riposte. Time your counter right and you have a high chance of stunning the enemy. Counter-attacking moves Fiona's game from Vindictus' usual fast paced combo style to a slower, more tactical approach.

Heavy Stander - Heavy Stander is a different kind of block, it allows Fiona to avoid damage from more powerful smash attacks, however it cannot be used to counter, so choosing what form of block to employ at what time becomes an important tactical decision. Be warned however, unless using a large shield, Fiona will still be knocked back after a successful block.

If you like to stand tall against a wave of enemies, or enjoy a well timed parry and riposte, then Fiona is the character for you. You can find out more at the Vinductus Website .