Sonic Mania delayed till summer, new trailer revisits classic zone

I pretty much fell in love with Sonic Mania—Headcannon and PagodaWest's retro reimagining of the original platforming classic—when it dropped its first proper footage in September. It's since continued to impress and while originally scheduled to land this spring, it's now been pushed back till summer. 

As reported by Siliconera, publisher Sega made the announcement at this week's SXSW conference in Texas however didn't expand beyond confirming the delay. What it did do, though, was appease disappointment slightly be teasing another snippet of new footage—this time revisiting Sonic and Knuckles' familiar Flying Battery Zone.      

Much similar to Mania's previously revealed slant on Greenhill Zone, the world above Angel Island looks similar here against its inspiration, however is littered with tweaks and adjustments. Look out for the pit of decommissioned Greenhill Zone bots from the '91 original towards the trailer's end. 

Still no concrete launch date for Sonic Mania as yet, beyond its newly announced "summer 2017" billing.