Halt the Nazi war machine with these Sniper Elite 5 tips

karl firing his gun in sniper elite 5
(Image credit: Rebellion)

These Sniper Elite 5 tips will help beginners and veterans of the series alike. This time we find ourselves in France in 1944, where Special Operations Executive sniper Karl Fairburne returns to take on the Nazi war machine and foil another of Hitler's nefarious schemes. 

While Sniper Elite 5 plays much like previous entries in the series, it boasts larger maps and a few new features that give enterprising snipers an advantage. So, whether this is the first game you've played in the series, or you know all of Karl's exploits, keep the following tips in mind.

Turn invasions off for your first playthrough

Axis Invasion mode is one of Sniper Elite 5's best additions. However, it's can be frustrating for new players. If you've sniped your way through Africa, Italy, and Berlin in previous entries to the series, you can probably handle another player invading your campaign as a Sniper Jaeger. But, if this is your first time picking up a rifle, consider fighting against just the AI until you've finished the campaign.

Invading players have several advantages that can be overwhelming for new snipers. First, the AI won't attack them and they can be used as an alert system for the Jaeger. Invaders also don't have to worry about mission objectives: they just have to hunt the player. Waiting until you know the lay of the land better before turning on Invasion Mode can make for a more even playing field.

Silencers and loud noises are your friend

Sound management should be your primary focus when outfitting your sniper (at least when facing the AI). All three types of firearm (sniper rifle, submachine gun, and pistol) can be equipped with silencers, which drastically reduces your deadly decibels. You'll only have access to a silenced pistol when you start the game, but that's enough to deal with the first mission if you're conservative. Also, note that loud noises can mask your shots, and they won't alert enemies that are far enough away. 

Be bold

Sniper Elite 5 encourages stealth and aggression. While this might seem like a contradiction, the level design and enemy placement mean there's almost no way to avoid confrontation in the course of you completing your objectives. However, you also can't go around guns-blazing, or you'll attract an entire map of enemies to your position.

One thing to keep in mind is that very few patrols encompass multiple parts of the map. So, once you identify and study all the soldiers in an area, you shouldn't need to face any surprises. Once you've analyzed the situation, you'll have to use a combination of traps, lures, and well-placed gunfire to clear levels section by section.

(Image credit: Rebellion)

But not too bold

There are times when your plan might go awry, when overwhelming gunfire gives you no hope of winning. Fortunately, Sniper Elite 5 takes a relatively realistic approach in terms of AI awareness.

If you break line of sight with enemies, you'll see a red triangle on your minimap that signifies your last known position. That's where your foes will start their search for you, and if you can get enough distance from the spot, they'll come out of Combat Mode and go into Search Mode. Fortunately, Nazis have short memories, apparently: After a few minutes in Search Mode, they'll sound all clear and return to their original positions.

Get the high ground

Karl gains the ability to climb in Sniper Elite 5. Use it. 

When you're confronted with a multi-storey building or a cliff, take a look around for climbable areas. Vines, latticework, drain pipes, and more can give you the view you need to survey the battlefield and pick off targets. By climbing, you can often bypass swaths of enemies and take a more direct route to your objective, too.