Shovel Knight free expansion 'Plague of Shadows' announced

Shovel Knight POS

Thanks to the magic of Kickstarter stretch goals, charming platformer Shovel Knight is getting a free expansion. This time, you're playing as a baddie.

Yacht Club Games is making good on the promise to deliver playable boss knights, and up first to the protagonist spot is Plague Knight. The alchemist will star in the Plague of Shadows update, in a quest to become the head of the Order of No Quarter.

Rather than a simple reskin, Plague of Shadows will add new story and systems. Plague Knight's skill set includes explosives, bomb jumps, and alchemy—with a new crafting system that will allow him to turn loot into equipment and power-ups.

Plague of Shadows will also bring new objectives and bosses, new routes through levels, and new 'Feats'.

The expansion is due out in Q2 2015, which is fancy talk for 'Spring-ish'.

Phil Savage

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