Shadow of War interactive live-action trailer depicts the Nemesis System in motion

After teasing its beastly Feral Tribe last week, Shadow of War's latest short puts you in the driving seat. The question is: do you feel like slaying or saving?

That's something you can answer in the following 'Friend or Foe' interactive trailer, which recreates the game's esteemed Nemesis System, and ends by letting you decide the fate of your Follower or Nemesis. 

Upon selection, you'll be whisked off to the game's official site where you'll then view the repercussions of your actions. Look, see:

That there is the work of Hollywood movie people Neil Huxley and Fabian Wagner—who're collectively involved with Avatar, Watchmen and Game of Thrones. Which is also pretty neat. 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is due October 10. Until then, here's James' words on its spider mercs and singing uruks, and here's some of my own on its fire-breathing dragons