Serial Cleaners shows off its own take on Batman vision

Serial Cleaners
(Image credit: Draw Distance)

Whatever you call it, Batman Vision is a staple of the stealth genre, even if it doesn't strictly make sense—and even if it didn't originate with Batman. Lean up real close to a wall? Why yes, you can perfectly hear where people on the other side are looking. It's willing suspension of belief, because genre: we want to play that game, vision cones intact.

Upcoming serial-killer cleaner-upper Serial Cleaners took to Twitter today to share its own version of the mechanic: The Cleaner Sense. I suppose when you've got blood all over everywhere, being able to really focus on your goal is important. You wouldn't want to miss the forest for the trees, here. It isn't a straight Batvision, either, with elements of Stranglehold and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes' reflex mode. Like I said: Batman Vision the genre staple isn't really Batman's to begin with.

Serial Cleaners shared a trailer at this year's E3, as a sequel to 2017's similarly named Serial Cleaner—the plurals are important there. The graphics may have bumped up a dimension, but the premise is the same: the mob are doing hits, and it's your job to clean up after them and dispose of all the evidence before anyone finds it. Cleaner (singular) was set in the '70s, and Cleaners (plural) takes us all the way forward to the '90s, where the facial hair seems to be equally bad.

The aggressive cleaning action should be available some time this year, though there isn't a firm release date yet.