Ronin is a turn-based action platformer with a familiar look


Ronin looks, it has to be said, quite a lot like Gunpoint.* And perhaps a little bit like Mark of the Ninja. It is, however, neither of those things. In fact, here's Gunpoint's creator, Tom Francis**, saying just that.

Yes, Ronin may be about stealth, breaking into 2D buildings and defenestration, but it's also about murdering people with a turn-based combat system. Here's the trailer, which shows how that works:

The action pauses when you enter combat. You're given a choice of actions and movements, and will enact them simultaneously with the guards you are fighting. If a guard's laser sights are pointed at you, you'll need to change elevation to avoid being shot during the next turn. You're both faster and deadlier than the guards, but you can only kill at melee range, and they've all got guns.

Also you've a grappling hook.

You can play the early demo build of Ronin right now, for free. As you can see from the trailer, it's come on a long way since that was made. Developed by Tomasz Wacławek, it's been picked up by publisher Devolver Digital for a full release later this year.

*Disclaimer: Gunpoint was made by Tom Francis, who I was in a fictional relationship with during a New Year's Eve game of Werewolf. He was a werewolf, I was a human, but despite our differences, we managed to surreptitiously slaughter an entire town full of our friends—thus winning the game.

**Disclaimer: Tom Francis is Tom Francis, who... well, see above. Oh, he used to work at PC Gamer too.

Phil Savage

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