Quirky CTF action game Oh My Godheads coming next month

Oh My Godheads is a multiplayer action game about stealing the heads of understandably angry deities and hoarding them all for yourself. Developer Titutitech describes it as a mix of capture-the-flag and "couch-based multiplayer" from the '90s, and announced today that it's leaving Steam Early Access and officially releasing on Tuesday, December 5. 

Designed to be played locally with up to four players, Oh My Godheads features two main game modes. In 'capture the head,' two teams (with AI filling in any empty slots) fight to steal god heads and bring them back to their goals while destroying the opposing team with whatever they have to hand, including "explosive pies." Contrastingly, 'king of the head' is a free-for-all mode where you compete to hold onto a head the longest by dodging or annihilating grabby opponents. 

There's also single-player content. On top of playing the main modes against AI, solo players can complete the 'trials of the gods,' a series of "short solo challenges" which sound like a good way to learn the ropes of the game. 

There are seven godheads in total, each with their own unique power. Some explode, some mess with the controls, some freeze enemies—the works. According to Oh My Godheads' Steam description, there are also seven globetrotting maps incorporating different platforming challenges as well as vistas from "the waterfalls in Japan, Italian volcanoes, Aztec pyramids and more." 

The playable cast consists of eight characters rendered in vibrant, low-poly art—an uncluttered visual style which seems a good match for chaotic multiplayer matches. And because I know you were wondering, yes, you can play as a dapper penguin "with a top hat, monocle and smoking pipe." 

Oh My Godheads is being published by Square Enix via the studio's Square Enix Collective initiative, which curates, incubates and supports indie games by providing marketing aid, community guidance and publishing services to developers. 

Oh My Godheads is currently available on Steam for $15. Regarding a potential price increase upon leaving Early Access, Titutitech says, "if you pick up Oh My Godheads during Early Access, you will get it at the same price or cheaper than the price of the game on day one of its full (non-Early Access) release." 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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