Prison Architect, Talos Principle and more are raising money for War Child's Armistice 2018

Last year’s Armistice campaign, set up by War Child, raised over £100,000 for children that have become victims of war. This year, War Child is hoping to raise £250,000 with game updates and events that promote peace, along with a Steam sale. Prison Architect, World of Tanks, Machinarium and The Talos Principle are among the games participating. 

The Steam sale includes the likes of Abzu, the relaxing underwater exploration game, and Rime, another peaceful exploration romp. A percentage of proceeds from the sale goes to War Child’s work in conflict zones across the globe. The sale will continue until November 14.

Other games, like 11-11: Memories Retold and Prison Architect, are introducing limited-time DLC in support of the charity. 

“We’re thrilled with this year’s support from some of most talented people & studios in the sector,” said Wayne Emanuel, Gaming Partnerships Manager of War Child UK. “Each year we aim to go bigger and we’re hoping that this will be our biggest year yet with a truly diverse range of games supporting Armistice including; the separate story featuring Carey Mulligan in War Child DLC in 11-11: Memories Retold, Dick Wilde joining as our first ever Steam VR title with the addition of ‘Cupid’s Bow’ and The Respawnables bringing back their healer item."

If you fancy raising money yourself, this year you can stream your own charity event to support War Child. You can register your stream with War Child and use JustGiving LiveStreaming to raise money. 

Since the annual campaign started running in 2016, it’s raised almost £300,000 for children affected by war.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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