Portal 2 screenshots from Gamescom

Portal 2 at Gamescom

The latest Portal 2 screens have been unleashed, fresh from Gamescom. They show bucketloads of the crazy new goo stuff and some great shots of the behind the scenes factory areas, in which Glados sets about rebuilding the ruined Aperture testing facility.

The thing that really strikes me about these shots is the sheer size of the facility. You can see pipes and girders stretching off fore miles into the mist. The factory bits look deliciously complicated with all that bendy organic piping. Quite a contrast to the familiar test chambers, which sport that clean, clinical feel we've seen in Portal 1. Kind of like if Apple designed a torture chamber.

Here are the images. If you click them and then press your bare face against the screen they will become so big that you can pretend you're actually there.

Tom Senior

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