Play like the pros: Team WBG partners with AndaSeat for a new gaming chair

AndaSeat x Team WBG collaboration gaming chair
(Image credit: AndaSeat)

Gaming is a time investment. We spend hours exploring our favorite worlds, grinding for camos, and aiming for the tops of leaderboards. All that sitting can be hard on our backs, though. AndaSeat is a trusted leader in manufacturing premium gaming chairs, known for its well-crafted and premium quality seats that focus on providing gamers comfort and support for those long game sessions. It should come as no surprise that AndaSeat has been endorsed by enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.  

Introducing the Team WBG x AndaSeat gaming chair 

The latest partnership between AndaSeat and Team WBG introduces a brand-new Team WBG gaming chair to the AndaSeat lineup so that you, too, can play like the pros. With a dynamic backrest, personalized lumbar support, and customizable tilt tension, the Team WBG chair from AndaSeat is where comfort and innovation come together. 

The Team WBG chair is designed to provide lumbar support for those long gaming sessions, eliminating back pain after a night of matches or streaming. Not every gamer is made the same, though, so your lumbar support needs might be different from your squad's. AndaSeat features dual-knob lumbar adjustments so that you can personalize your chair to support your back while you play. The unique dual-knob adjustments allow you to dial in your lumbar position without the risk of damaging your AndaSeat chair. 

We spend more time at our desks than ever before. Whether we're punched into the clock or zoned into our favorite game, posture matters. The Team WBG gaming chair is designed to move with you, supporting your posture no matter what task is driving you to sit at the desk. Whether you're the type to lean forward while engaged in high-octane multiplayer battles or kick back and immerse yourself in a cozy valley, the Team WBG gaming chair lets you lock in your perfect angle thanks to a multi-tilt mechanism. After your match comes to an end, you can recline back for a little nap until it is time for the round to start.

 You could win an AndaSeat gaming chair 

To celebrate its collaboration with Team WBG, AndaSeat is giving away eight gaming chairs to lucky winners who participate before November 19. The League of Legends World Championship has 22 teams from around the world coming together to battle it out for a chance at a Summoner's Cup championship trophy and a million-dollar prize pool. For the first time in five years, the League of Legends World Championship has returned to South Korea, and AndaSeat's partner, Webo Gaming (WBG) will be among the teams seeking glory.

By entering the giveaway on AndaSeat's website, you could stand a chance to win one of two available prizes per competition, including a Kaiser 3 Series WBG special edition gaming chair. One lucky winner in each drawing will win a gaming chair signed by WBG’s THESHY.   

Hack Black Friday: Save big on the chair you want now 

AndaSeat is offering Black Friday pricing on its premium, luxury quality gaming chairs until November 30. Each AndaSeat chair is crafted with the needs of gamers' comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic designs and lumbar support, as well as a warranty of up to 5 years on all chairs. 

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series is a premium gaming chair with an easy assemble system, 4-way adjustable lumbar support that is built-in, 4D armrests, and a magnetic head pillow. The Kaiser 3 is the pinnacle of comfort and design for those long sessions seated at your desk, and you can pick one up for just $399.99 right, now—a savings of $100. 

Like the Kaiser 3 series, the Phantom 3 Series gaming chairs from AndaSeat feature an ergonomic design that is easy to assemble with ample lumbar support. There's also an included neck pillow to keep things comfy while you play. The Phantom 3 series gaming chairs are $150 during the Hack Black Friday event, costing just $249.99.

AndaSeat knows not all bodies are the same, and the Kaiser Frontier Series XL gaming chairs are ideal for those gamers who need a premium gaming chair for a big and tall body type. The Frontier Series XL wraps an ergonomic design with 4D armrests in top-quality PVC leather, so the chair looks as good as it feels. Save $70 when you pick up a Kaiser Frontier Series XL from AndaSeat for $349.99.

Of course, if you prefer a little aesthetic nostalgia for your game room, AndaSeat also offers the Transformers Edition premium gaming chair. The Transformers Edition chair features everything you expect from AndaSeat, including a magnetic head pillow, lumbar support, an ergonomic design, and an easy assembling system. Add a bit of flare to your setup for just $199.99, a savings of $200.

All AndaSeat chairs have free shipping. You don’t have to worry about breaking open your piggy bank to afford a luxury chair, either. Shop now and enjoy interest-free payments on your terms when you check out with Shop Pay, Affirm Financing, or Afterpay.