Overwatch's next hero will arrive a bit later than expected

In a developer update today, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan shed a bit of light on the game's upcoming content schedule. Specifically, Kaplan said that the next Overwatch hero will be arriving a bit later than expected. 

Since its launch, Overwatch has released new heroes and held seasonal events at a fairly regular schedule. Heroes have typically arrived in March, July, and November of each year, which means that the next hero (number 31 for those of you counting) should be expected sometime this month. However Kaplan said that while the next hero is indeed in development, he (Kaplan emphasized that pronoun, giving us our first clue about the hero) will be showing up a bit later than expected.

"He'll be here soon enough, so don't worry," Kaplan said. "We think a little bit of extra time is going to make the hero even more awesome."

At the same time, Kaplan said that the upcoming Summer Games seasonal event will actually arrive sooner than expected (in years past the games have occurred in August). 

Kaplan also mentioned a few new features, namely expanded subtitles as well as new automatic cheat detection systems. That last bit is currently being tested on the Overwatch PTR, and can be expected to hit the live servers soon.

Bo Moore

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