Observer: System Redux is coming to PC, and a demo is available now

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

Better known for its Layers of Fear series, Bloober Team branched out into gritty cyberpunk with 2017's Observer. Jody didn't love it, but the game has managed to establish a following among those starved of morbid futuristic horror. So much so that it's getting a new edition in the form of Observer: System Redux, which was announced for consoles earlier this year but is now confirmed for PC.

Dubbed the 'definitive edition' of the game, System Redux has three new side cases, new "game mechanics" and improved stealth, an aspect of the game our reviewer wasn't especially fond of. There are "additional neural interrogations," too.

System Redux will also look prettier, with upgraded textures, ray-tracing support and HDR lighting. Animations have been given a spit-and-shine, as have models and effects.

There's good and bad news: this isn't a free upgrade for owners of the original Observer, but there's currently a ten percent discount on Steam if you pre-order. The good news is that there's a demo available right now, so you can see for yourself if the improvements are worth the double dip.

Observer: System Redux will release in late 2020. Here's the trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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