Nvidia's CPU hogging bug finally and fully nixed with official driver release

Colorful RTX 4090 Batlle Ax graphics card
(Image credit: Future)

After releasing a Hotfix driver version 531.26 last week, Nvidia has now implemented a full WHQL release to finally and fully fix the bug that caused Nvidia's Container software to continue hoovering up CPU resources on exiting a game. 

As we reported previously, there were existing workarounds, including rolling back to a previous driver or simply popping a cap in the Nvidia Container task in Task Manager.

The Nvidia bug was one half of a pair of wonky driver updates from Nvidia and AMD. If Nvidia's bug was a minor inconvenience, AMD's glitch could actually leading to corrupted Windows installations. Nasty.

To be fair the AMD, their issue seemed as much a consequence of Windows Update being hell bent on doing its update thing, whatever the impact, as AMD's badly written code. AMD itself advised users how to ensure the confliction with Windows Update doesn't happen.

"We recommend users ensure all system updates are applied or paused before installing the driver, and that the 'Factory Reset' option is unchecked during the AMD driver installation process."

Another win for Windows update. Not. Anyway, you can download the new Nvidia driver here. And with that, we are officially calling a close on this fun little graphics driver saga.


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